Congratulations on your Engagement!  Your big day is just around the corner!  

At Vintner's Exclusive Wines, can help make your Wedding Day celebration more memorable - with personalized wines.

We can customize a vintage wine to your exact tastes to create a wine you are sure to enjoy!  This wine, already distinctly yours, can be further personalized with the addition of custom labels announcing your Wedding Day, Bride & Groom names, and even photographs.

This is the perfect wine to serve at your rehearsal dinner, wedding reception, to give as a gift or just commemorate the day!

Allow 8 weeks for your wine to be completed. And on bottling day if you like to bring your wedding party to help you bottle your wine, we can book for a private bottling party after hours.

Custom labels turn wine into an unforgettable wedding gift.

Personalized wine is perfect for wedding receptions, wedding gifts and as wedding guest favours.

Choose your custom label from our label gallery.
Personalize it with your own text and image.

And we at Exclusive Wines in Brampton will take care of your label printing.

Evaluating how much wine you need for your guests

We at Vintner's Exclusive Wines have been using this formula as a guideline for years and it has not failed us yet.  Rule of thumb is 1 bottle 750ml for every two guests.

  • 100 guests 5 cases of wine with 10 bottles extra
  • 120 guests 6 cases of wine with 12 bottles extra
  • 140 guests 7 cases of wine with 14 bottles extra
  • 160 guests 8 cases of wine with 16 bottles extra
  • It is always better to have extra bottles of wine then too little.

Picking wines for a crowd

Pick a wine that will appeal to almost everybody.  Harmonize the wine with the food that 
you’re serving. It should be light to medium body, fruity in taste and not too tart and 
food friendly. If you can’t decide we will be more than happy help you with your selection.