Is a big, full-bodied Denominacion di Origen wine from the southeast of Spain. This varietal is also cultivated in the Midi of
France, North Africa and California. The nose is a medley of pine, juniper and berry smells without the tarry quality one 
expects in such a heavy wine. The mouth is the real surprise, however, with immense but strangely soft tannins and a 
sort of dry-cassis flavor. A great wine to accompany rich meaty food, but also is perfect accompaniment to many cake-
type desserts.

Based on the traditional Valpolicella blend of grapes producing an intense, rich and potent wine. Deep, dark in colour, full 
of ripe tannins, with a buttery finish.

An exciting cabernet combining forward fruit flavours of cherry,
raspberry and blackcurrant with a tremendous backing of tannin and structure. Rich and polished with a long, layered 
finish warmly accentuated with oak. Approachable in true Aussie style, our cabernet from down under is a long-lasting, 
robust wine that will reward those with the patience to age it. Excellent with roasted or grilled beef dishes, lamb, ribs and 
with hard cheeses or savoury firm cheeses.

A full bodied wine with a combination of warm fruit and light oak, it possesses a dry crisp finish.

A blend of red grape varieties with a very appealing, medium bodied flavour, excellent when young and lightly chilled.

Deep, dark and delicious. An Italian favourite which is robust with oak and tannin notes and excellent with red meats.

A perfect “bistro” wine in the style of Beaujolais, with explosive berry flavours and a soft after taste. Serve lightly chilled 
with light meals.

An excellent accompaniment to red meats and strong cheeses this full-bodied wine is well rounded with a hint of oak, 
which contributes to its hearty character. Ages exceptionally well.  

A fine blend of grapes produces this deeply coloured wine with fruity undertones. Allow this wine to age and you will have 
a fine accompaniment to well seasoned red meat dishes.

Sometimes referred to as Cabernet Sauvignon's "cousin", it is usually less tannic and acidic and also lighter in body and 
colour. It is, however, known to be more aromatic and herbaceous. It is only recently that Cabernet Franc has come into 
its own as a pure varietal wine.

The emperor of red wines. This dark, full bodied red is best aged for several months. It is worth the wait. Its oak and 
tannin character lends itself to seasoned,  flavourful red meat dishes.

A smooth, richly flavoured wine with the qualities of a full bodied Cabernet rounded with the addition of Merlot.

A favourite in Australia. Rich and robust, this dark, full bodied wine benefits from the addition of oak. A great wine that 
should not be missed.  

A soft and delightful medium bodied wine which is brilliant red in colour. Excellent when served young, light on the palate 
and a delight to sip.

You will want to pick up a pizza or prepare a hearty dish of pasta to enjoy this classic Italian style red wine.
Pleasant tannin undertones balanced with an earthy
character make it a joy to experience.

Light and fruity, this wine is best enjoyed slightly chilled with light meats, poultry and cheeses.

A fruity nose, dark in colour and rich in taste.   Traditionally made with a slight sweetness.

A delightful, medium bodied wine, Merlot features a smooth flavour and aroma. Great as a social wine.
Matures very well making it an excellent addition to any cellar.

Cherry red colour with violet reflections and hints of raspberry and spices. A powerful wine with a touch of mint and fruit. 
An excellent accompaniment for grilled chicken, braised lamb or pork.

A rich, brilliant red, medium bodied and surprisingly smooth wine. Serve with red meats, salmon and cheeses.

A cross between Carrignane and Cabernet Sauvignon, it was
developed in the Central Valley of California to give a high yield vine in hot climatic conditions. The organoleptic qualities of 
the Ruby Cabernet are better in years with ideal growing conditions  

A popular Italian grape found mostly in Tuscany. Can be drank young and taste great served dry.  

A dark, full bodied, and mouth filling red combining notes of warm berries, fresh pepper and oak. A delicious treat!

Dry and medium bodied with bold, fruity after taste. Wonderful with red meats, flavourful stews and hearty pasta dishes.

A rich, earthy Rhone style wine with good tannin and a soft supple character. Those who like Chateau neuf du Pape will 
truly enjoy this wine.

Woodlands Chateau
A blend of French wines. This wine is a medium bodied delightful rich, earth style wine with good tannin and soft 
character, Light on the palate and a delight to sip.